Children's toys and gifts for take-home party bags

The Little Treasure Box sources girl's and boy's treasures, pocket money toys and small gifts suitable for party bag take home gifts, rewards boxes, children's wedding favours, holiday travel packs and much more..

All of our products are intended to captivate and engage.


On a Tight Budget?

Sometimes we all need to make a few savings here and there, and these days even more so, well try our Credit Crunching Starter Packs, starting at just 50p, you get the party bag, a balloon, a smiley rubber and the ever popular stretchy smiley man. Choose just one extra item and some cheap sweets add some cake and voila! party bags sorted.


Imaginative Filled Party Bags

We believe that with a little imagination your child's party can end with fizz and result in gifts that their friends will treasure.

We actively source durable products that are meant to last longer than the first five minutes back at home so you can shop with confidence.


Specialist Party Supplies

Looking for party products with a difference? we strive to find party bag fillers that are a cut above the norm. We constantly look for unusual party products and ideas. Remember when you were kids and toys were real toys; boys collected Fossils, rocks and bones and girls made perfume from water and flower petals? We would like to find those values again. Do you find Dinosaur Bones and Sharks Teeth exciting? What about fairy dust and glitter tattoos?


Quality party bags for children

You can shop here with assurance, this is a family run business and we do care about each and every product we sell and each and every customer we serve.

Whether it's ready-made party bags or fillers to make your own, we will strive to make your party the best ever.


Mums, lets not forget you either

We all deserve a little treat every now and again and mum, you are no exception. In fact, even more so do you deserve to treat yourself and we have some great pamper products just for you, yes those grown up little girls love our bath time pamper range, but we all know who really deserves them! Go on, treat yourselves!

Selected Party Bags